I ❤ My Skin Art

This may sound like a cliche but in the last 5 years I realized that you only live once (cringe). That it’s never too late to live the life you want. Live and let live. Who cares what other people say? It’s not like you’re answerable to any of them anyway.

Now my job happens to be part of Human Resources and my boss has this mindset that HR people should be very conservative. I am anything but; I speak my mind, I wear high heels like nobody’s business, I don’t like boring clothes (read: ultra-conservative) and I color my hair. Worst of all, I have tattoos. Not in the obvious places of course but one of them is just a little below my nape and sometimes it peeks out of my clothes. That’s sacrilege in her book.

Our company is not even the conservative type. We take pride in being innovative, young, vibrant and dynamic. The dress code is business casual from Monday to Thursday.

I wear blazers at work especially when I have to conduct training so I don’t see why she is so irked about my tattoos. I love my skin art and I have always believed that the stigma attached to tattoos are archaic and no longer as prevalent as it was before. Maybe it’s my upbringing, maybe I just don’t buy into that whole sanctimonious ‘we are still a conservative country’ bullshit. She says I have to accept that this is not the States, that the Philippines is still not very tolerant of people with tattoos especially in the workplace. I say it’s not my problem that my tattoos make her uncomfortable.

I have tattoos. Get over it. They are permanent in case you didn’t know and they are here to stay. I am not going to change who I am just to fit into some mold. Who made those rules anyway? Whatever happened to respect for individuality? I refuse to become a zombie while I’m still alive just to follow someone’s (not even the society’s) ideals. Life is too short for any of that crap.

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Back At It

Hey there! It’s been a little over 2 years since I last wrote something here and over the holidays, I decided to go back to blogging. 4 planets are in retrograde since the beginning of the month and I have been feeling quite blah. So I needed to restart and what better way to do that than restart this blog.

I needed to see the beautiful things in life again, having been preoccupied with so much negative stuff for quite a while. Let’s start with Taylor, my cute Persian kitty:

I love the lighting in this photo!

I’ll try to upload something regularly, even just a photo of the day sort of stuff just to keep this page alive again.

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