Bootyfull Mornings



My Chiniepots always says ‘bootyfull’ when she means beautiful and it never fails to make me laugh.:) I love her to bits and I hope someday I will be able to pass on some advise that would keep her ‘bootyfull’ all her life.

I noticed that I haven’t bought new make-up in months except for the eyebrow gel from JC Jazzy Collections which was a steal at PHP 249.50 and my trusty cheek tint from Avon. Both of which are staples in my now streamlined beauty routine which took years to develop.

I need at least an hour to get ready in the morning. Been working in BGC for more than 2 years now so I need to drive for an hour all the way to work every single day. Once school starts, travel time will take much longer so that means I will need to get up earlier than usual.:twisted:

Here are the things that I use for getting ready in the morning:

1. Toothpaste, toothbrush and tongue cleaner. I cannot live without my OraSweet. I always keep one for back-up and I have another one in my desk drawer at work. Brushing alone doesn’t cut it, you have to scrape your tongue to make sure that your breath smells clean after a meal.

2. Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. I am not maarte when it comes to hair care. I think I’ve used enough products to know what and what doesn’t work. Spending a thousand pesos on shampoo is not very practical so I stick to this drugstore brand. I might switch it up once a week with herbal stuff but I go back to Pantene each time.

I always dilute my shampoo and never use it full strength, ratio is 1:8 more or less. I only shampoo the scalp and let the lather take care of the rest. After rinsing the suds, I squeeze out the excess water before putting conditioner at the ends. I put my hair up in a loose bun on top my head and do the rest of my body while hair marinates.;)

3. Exfoliating towel. The first towel I bought a thousand years ago was from The Body Shop and it was only at PHP 200.00 back then. After a while though they started charging more so I finally gave up and started looking for a dupe.

This one is from Metro supermarket and it’s only PHP 49.00. Same effect, I love how gritty it feels against my skin. What I don’t love is the sides get all frayed after a few days. Oh well, I guess that’s the trade-off for buying something of a lesser known brand.

4. Dove Winter Care Beauty Bar. This was a recent discovery when we went grocery shopping at Robinsons. I bought 2 2-packs for a little over PHP 300.

It’s always summer in the Philippines and the weather here in -ber months is nowhere near winter-y. My skin is always parched though and I suffer from contact dermatitis so I have always been on the lookout for a great moisturizing bar that works so well I wouldn’t need lotion anymore. Sad to say but nothing has ever wowed me so much to ditch lotion or body oil.

This one comes pretty close though. The first time I used Winter Care, I was like meh… nothing special. I mean, the lather was super creamy like the regular Dove bars, the scent is similar also but the bar itself is little more buttery. After two weeks though my skin actually feels softer and more radiant. I wish I could still find this in the supermarket though since it’s limited edition.

5. After stepping out of the shower, I put Aveeno’s soothing bath and shower oil on my damp skin. I find that this keeps my skin more supple than most lotions. I used to make my own concoction of Hei Poa Monoi soothing oil, sunflower oil and baby oil. I settled for the Aveeno since I was able to use it a lot of times in the past and it helped relieve my allergies.

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